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Any system to improve the performance of the equipment required is periodic inspection and service, Parts manufacturers are also well aware of the importance of this issue and in the area of after-sales services have expanded to provide customer satisfaction.

The cyclical components of lifts in addition to increasing the useful life of components and reducing costs is improving security and reducing damage. Elevator Arshi In this regard, the monthly services for the projects considered, the technicians of the companies listed on the Services tab, check the necessary standards and recommendations for the next month is mentioned on pages.

Instructions for elevator and escalator engineering company Arshian for systems maintenance for all products produced with careful training, they have been tried and maintenance service done in the best condition. These instructions, in addition to management practices and control for services, including classified technical documents for preventive maintenance activities and also repairs are guidelines.

Visitors operations and maintenance activities in 4-axis control (INSPECTION), cleaning (CLEANING), lubrication (LUBRICATION) and settings (ADJUSTMENT) is defined, the frequency of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly planning be. Each customer after conclusion of the contract, a share issue and based on this number, your service done by category receives.

Geo-location and dedicated service with zoning and servicing agents and groups in every region, every device will be in charge of service and maintenance specified. Operators can directly vibrations introduced at any moment of their services and service groups in less time receive. Besides preventive service for each month of the date of service to every device separately, pre-programmed and automated software, all operations are controlled at the specified time.

All service and maintenance instructions as well as the delivery of services as well as subscription forms for all devices, be placed at the disposal of operators and services and respond to requests to ease could be done. Preventive maintenance (preventive maintenance) is the key to a proper maintenance schedule. To ensure productivity and machine health and service inspections should be done periodically, Czech listings recorded in the archives of documents and electronic files to be recorded. The use of the most advanced digital control panel by tapping the most sublime and its features, which simplifies troubleshooting can easily use the digital system error, the failure to quickly detect and in the shortest time possible fix.

Should monitor the implementation of laws, directives and safety requirements at the time of installation or repair and maintenance device for continuous, systematic and scientific problems prevented casualties and much destruction. The views of downtime and significantly reduce accidents devices. To be sure, the risk that the buildings can be used by equipment manufacturers of elevators and escalators is damaged. For a person like a machine, there are rules and technical examination is checked under the annual maximum.

Elevators and Escalators by public transport and is vertical and annual periodic inspections and authorization according to the standard, at least work possible. Maintain and service equipment shall be done according to international standards consistently and regularly. Safety of elevators and escalators in the construction industry is so directly linked with human life and attention to this important safety and comfort for users to bring abundance. Standard training method Elevator and Escalator Engineering Continuous Training Continuous training method is sublime. The talk is always current training and did not stop even if the need for a substantial period would be repeated.

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