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One of the most important problems of some builders, select a suitable company to lift quality products. Because the lift after the installation of the draw or not to satisfy the owners and occupants of a building plays an important role.

It should be noted that the first and most important criterion is to buy a lift from a company if that company has a valid license from the Department of Design and assembly of Industry, Mine and Trade, as well as a certificate of membership of the Union is a lift or not? It is also imperative be querying the validity of the licenses.

Select Create a company as well as the technical specifications according to user type, location and the number of people living in the complex, is an important achievement for the builders. Unfortunately, in some cases it can be seen or even some builders and consulting engineers see the principles and integrity of elevators and its variants have the same factors that caused the wrong choice.

Where the installation of elevators is very important:

1 - quality goods

2 - quality installation

3 - Quality Control Equipment

If any of these problems exist, can lead to stripping the welfare of consumers.

Technical Specifications lifts, referring only to the type of parts, not quality, so the quality can be variable components. For example, many buyers is limited only to the VVVF elevator system and to compare their prices accordingly. While VVVF systems are fundamental differences in quality and price with each other. VVVF systems in both Open loop Close loop and classified. Close loop system as acceptable for the elevator system is known, the encoder on the motor is installed with a very good result in the quality of the offers. In addition, types and brands drive speed control is also very important in quality and price. In fact, two systems with drives VVVF speed control different brand or Close loop Open loop systems are up to 15% of the total price discrepancies lift the price.

If quality issues and quality control equipment also think we will find that buying a lift in the current situation must be carefully done and after detailed studies to be conducted.

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