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Interview with CEO and Mr. Richard shareholder holding aSanbarkaran Arshian, Deputy Marketing CANNY Interview with CEO and Mr. Richard shareholder holding aSanbarkaran Arshian, Deputy Marketing CANNY Subject :  News Date :  5 تیر 1394

Holding  of a familiar and reliable engineering aSanbarkaran Arshi's elevator and escalator industry. The company using qualified professionals for quality, for many years in the field of supplying and distributing all kinds of elevators, escalators and moving walkways of brands and manufacturers single celebrity and international activities.

One of the famous brand manufacturer of elevators and escalators in recent years by holding aSanbarkaran Arshian is highly interactive and is CANNY brand. CANNY holding company, along with sublime aSanbarkaran lifts 2015 Istanbul International Fair (9-6 farvardin 1394 / 26-29 March) effective presence and active. During the days of the Istanbul exhibition was an opportunity to work with Mr. Ali Golshani CEO and Mr. Richard shareholder holding aSanbrakaran Arshian, Deputy Marketing CANNY have a conversation that went on to summarize the points will be:

• Mr. Ali Golshani as possible explain about the activities of holding aSanbarkaran Arshi in recent years.

Holding aSanbarkaran Arshian with a history of more than 4 decades of activity in the elevator and escalator industry of the honor due to the increase in construction in recent years and the increase in demand for elevators and escalators, ranked one of the best the industry is now working.

Holding Asanbar Arshian workers according to variety and quality of lifts and escalators provider faced with good luck and sublime collection is trying to provide comfort and safety to customers, in order to take steps Dear customer satisfaction and loyalty.

• Mr. Ali Golshani, please explain about CANNY international company and cooperate with the series producers .

With regard to what was said and by surveys conducted in recent years by expert review teams in various countries and prestigious Arshian farmers market Asanbar elevators and escalators industry took place, one of the companies that CANNY given the history, experience, diversity and quality of products as a supplier of equipment selection and started to work, and so far as the exclusive agent CANNY're working.

• Mr. Richard, please first explain about the company CANNY and record its activities.

CANNY company was established nearly 17 years ago and the construction of escalators, elevators and moving walks is active worldwide and has various sections including business unit and sales, research department, laboratory, manufacturing unit , unit of measure consumer market throughout the world.

• Please explain the extent of the country of the buyer CANNY products.

It is set in recent years due to increasing consumer demand by increasing their production capacity reached four thousand units per year escalator and in addition to distribution of products in China and exports their products to countries such as Korea, Turkey, Singapore, Qatar, India, Iran and .... (ies).

• Mr. Richard, please participate in the selection of contractors Asanbar Arshi as exclusive agent in Iran explain CANNY.

First you need to know from Mr. Ali Golshani and their technical team in the company as a business partner and fellow professional Arshian my thanks and praise.

Since our products were supplied by a small number of Iranian companies and according to our advantages such as having a specialized team with experience, integrity and professional ethics, corporate CANNY Arshi conservatives in Iran's Asanbar as a trading partner and exclusive distributor of select supplier of its products and to continue the cooperation.

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