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The fourth exhibition of elevators and escalators - Tehran 2015 The fourth exhibition of elevators and escalators - Tehran 2015 Subject :  News Date :  30 فروردین 1394

Today, developments accelerate industrial growth in the production and manufacturing technologies has created a way to use the techniques, tools and machinery as well as the use of means of transportation, labor productivity and more efficient use of time in the production process following the Since. Among these tools, machinery, conveyors and loaders is. The equipment in the current industry high volume of movement of raw materials, goods, equipment, spare parts, scrap and waste, and so on and they are very effective in reducing production costs. In addition, the increasing construction of residential units, commercial and industrial and the need for the population to housing and related services has led to the production of services and amenities associated with the construction industry in recent years due to the presence of more actively in the economy Bashnd.snt lifts community, government policies and increase the level of service mass production in various residential and commercial applications in the industry and has become popular in recent years a significant growth in the production of a variety of lifts and transfer of technology and the dynamics of this industry in the country has been established. Holding the third international exhibition industry, elevators, escalators, elevators, conveyors, parts and accessories with domestic and foreign companies and institutions in the field of trade and services related to the product group operate long and firm step in order to increase industrial cooperation and specialized technical knowledge and transforming it stands as one of the most influential exhibitions in the elevator industry in the region is hoped that the planning done, the fair welcomed by construction companies, large companies, construction, housing associations, residential and commercial complexes, hotels, and the public to be taken as final consumers.

The objectives of the exhibition:

introducing creativity, capacities and potential in the field of manufacturing, commerce and industry related services elevators, escalators, conveyors and loaders involved in the production, marketing and product services, machinery and related equipment in the industry.

Identify problems, obstacles and weaknesses in the industry and trying to win the support of public and private organizations and concerned stakeholders in the industry with this exhibition

Create favorable contexts to encourage individuals to invest Investment and proper utilization of the existing capacities and create jobs and entrepreneurship in the fields of industry exhibition theme

Stakeholders familiar with the products, innovations and industry developments elevators, escalators and elevators in other countries and try to reach the relevant international standards. 5. Create healthy competition among domestic manufacturers to improve product quality

Directly and face to face communication between producers and consumers in order to better meet the needs of the consumer market

Create or upgrade product export to other countries, especially neighboring countries and market approach aimed at

Exchange ideas, technology and products among local and foreign participants of the exhibition and establish business relationship between them

Create the necessary conditions for introducing quality products and high standards

Private sector organizations, active engagement with the industry and relevant government implements collection


Due to be made locally and encourage local and kits of parts for elevators, escalators, conveyors and loaders in country

Transforming this regional exhibition as an important event in the lift truck industry


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