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Inaugural of subway Line 2 with presence of doctor zarif and pre-beginning of line 1 According to Farsnews from Isfahan, followed by two-day visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs dated 06.06.94 Inaugural ceremony of Metro Line 2 subway and commissioning of Phase 1 was held with the presence of officials. Mehdi Jamali nezhad mayor of Isfahan, Isfahan governor Messenger Zargarpur and several members of the City Council attended the ceremony. In this procedure,...
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Active participation at the XV International Exhibition of Construction Industry Holding aSanbarkaran Arshian Fifteenth construction exhibition, attended by a large number of companies active in the construction industry from 18 to 21 August 1394, from 10 am to 18 pm, was held in Tehran International Permanent Fairground.            
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Interview with CEO and Mr. Richard shareholder holding aSanbarkaran Arshian, Deputy Marketing CANNY Holding  of a familiar and reliable engineering aSanbarkaran Arshi's elevator and escalator industry. The company using qualified professionals for quality, for many years in the field of supplying and distributing all kinds of elevators, escalators and moving walkways of brands and manufacturers single celebrity and international activities. One of the famous brand manufacturer...
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Workshop on escalator accident investigation Workshop on escalator accident investigation on 28/2/94  aSanbarkaran Arshian Company in order to introduce more of the principles of fire safety at the escalator proceed the workshop entitled "The events in escalator" is necessary. These courses according to the needs of the Fire Department and with the assistance of the Urban Train subway station Jaber was held. In the...
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Visiting the Canny company`s senior managers Visiting the Canny company's senior managers from Arshian Company  
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The fourth exhibition of elevators and escalators - Tehran 2015 Today, developments accelerate industrial growth in the production and manufacturing technologies has created a way to use the techniques, tools and machinery as well as the use of means of transportation, labor productivity and more efficient use of time in the production process following the Since. Among these tools, machinery, conveyors and loaders is. The equipment in the current industry...
19 April 2015 More
Reorganization Plan of hotels’ elevators in the Holy Shrines in Iraq In 1391, Arshian Elevator and Escalator engineering company had the honor of working with Shamsa company (holding company of pilgrimage offices across Iran). Our mission was to inspect, review, and present projects to improve the elevators of the pilgrims’ hotels in Iraq. During the travel and after detailed inspection of the hotels’ elevators, the 160 -page plan was prepared and...
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Special Project for granting agencies across the country Arashian Elevator and Escalator Company intends to expand its activities across the country. Hence, it grants agencies to eligible natural and legal persons by further strengthening the Arshian agencies organization. Click here to view the ads listed in Iran Newspaper. Click here to request agency.
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